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Sheltered Workshops

Thanks to Mill Reef Fund’s generous recurrent grant, our sheltered workshop for Sickle Cell patients has been in operation since June 2021. It provides a safe, supervised place where patients can work according to their individual abilities, at their own pace, without fear of being severed due to sickness. A place where they are in the company of others who understand their challenges.

The concept allows for learning new skills and practicing existing ones, for education regarding the management of Sickle Cell Disease and for modest earnings. It presents a path out of social isolation and depression towards improved emotional, mental and socio-economic wellbeing, which in turn has positive effects on patients’ overall health.

We are ever so proud of our workshop patients. It is not easy, it is slow going, but the results have surpassed our hopes and dreams by far. Our patients’ creations speak for themselves. We are exceedingly grateful to Mill Reef Fund. Without their funding, this project would not have been possible.